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Way Of Being

Mother's Way Is Our Way

Her mere presence brings in warmth within the four walls. Her caring touches add life to every nook and corner. She is the creator, the preserver, and the one that makes a house a home. She is one who guides us in our every creation. The 'Mother'- our role model at Samraat. Not just in thoughts, but in deeds. Because a Mother's touch is what the world needs.

'The Mother's Way' is not just a philosophy at Samraat Group but a way of life that is demonstrated in everything we do. It's an attitude that permeates in every single Samraatian, irrespective of hierarchy, job description and stature. From the way a guest is spoken to or received, to how a customer is dealt with. From how an employee is hired to how our team is motivated to stay as a family. From creation to execution, finance management to materials management, work ethics to vendor relationship, safety of workers to respect for environment, you will find the 'Mother's Way' in action at every possible touch point.